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For Class VIII Studying Students

Physics: Force and Pressure, Friction, Sound, Chemical Effects of Electric Current

Chemistry: Synthetic Fibres and Plastics, Materials: Metals and Non-Metals

Biology: Crop Production and Management, Microorganisms: Friend and Foe, Conservation of Plants and Animals, Cell- Structure and Functions

Mathematics: Squares and Square Roots, Exponents, Quadrilaterals, Percentage, Linear Equations in One Variable, Cubes and Cube Roots, Data Handling

Mental Ability: Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning: Number and Alphabet Test, Series, Classification, Analogy, Direction Test, Coding and Decoding, Problems based on Figures

For Class IX Studying Students

Physics: Motion, Force and Laws of Motion, Gravitation (Excluding Floatation)

Chemistry: Matter in our Surroundings, Is Matter Around Us Pure?

Biology: Cell: The Fundamental Unit of Life, Tissues

Mathematics: Number Systems, Factorization of Polynomials, Lines and Angles, Congruency of Triangles, Heron’s Formula

Mental Ability: General Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Figure Matrix, Problems based on Figures

For Class X Studying Students

Physics: Class IX – Gravitation (Floatation only), Work and Energy, Sound Class X – Light-Reflection and Refraction, Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Chemistry: Class IX – Atoms and Molecules, Structure of the Atom Class X – Chemical Reactions and Equations, Acids, Bases and Salts, Metals and Non-Metals

Biology: Class X – Life Processes- Nutrition, Respiration, Transportation, Excretion; Control and Coordination in Animals and Plants

Mathematics: Class IX & X – Real Numbers, Polynomials, Triangles, Class IX – Mensuration, Circles, Quadrilaterals Class X – Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables, Quadratic Equations, Trigonometric Ratios and Identities

Mental Ability: Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning – Series, Analogy, Classification, Coding and Decoding, General Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Problems based on Figures, Data Interpretation

Note: The syllabus of ANTHE has been designed keeping in mind the curriculum taught in class VIII, IX & X at All India Level as applicable.

Examination Pattern (for Class VIII, IX & X Studying Students)

Total No. of Questions: 90

Duration: 2 Hours

Total Marks: 360

No Negative Marking

Mental Ability : 20

Mathematics: 25

Science: Physics (15), Chemistry (15) & Biology (15)

Total:90 MCQs